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Amy Gordon,
Holistic Women’s Health Expert & Conjurer of Feminine Awakening, presents

Dear Radiant Woman, 


  • Do you identify as a perfectionist, overachiever, or running too much masculine energy?


  • Do you spend a lot of time pushing past your energy level and prioritizing the needs of others before your own?


  • Do you tell yourself that ongoing symptoms such as migraines, insomnia, or low-grade autoimmunity  are ‘normal’ or ‘inherited from your mother’?


  • Are you constantly trying to rearrange your exercise, schedule, family, diet & supplement routine in an effort to feel better on the inside?

What if there's an easier way?

I’ve been a Holistic Women’s Health Acupuncturist for over 15 years guiding women through the transformative life phases of Maiden-Mother-Queen, and studying the effects this has on the mental, physical and energetic body.  As I’ve traversed this terrain, I’ve started noticing patterns deep in the energetic operating systems of women who are receiving the diagnoses of PCOS, autoimmune disruptions, infertility, mental health issues and different cancers. The diagnoses are extensive, but the roots are a deep lack of attunement with the female body.


In my personal life I’ve recovered from childhood trauma, PCOS, autoimmune thyroid, addiction & codependency, and divorce all while raising 2 young boys and weaving a new vision of a healthy, liberated and loving woman. This path has yielded unimaginable fruits and a new paradigm of how to love and mother myself, and release my dependence on anything outside of myself to fill the void in a permanent way.


Through each life experience I’ve had the blessing of being guided by powerful mentors back home to the place I’d been seeking all along ~ my own deep and luxurious well. Most importantly, I’ve learned to stop self-abandoning and honor the needs of my tender heart and highly sensitive  body with compassion. I’ve learned to slow waaaaaaay down and put myself first; not being selfish, but being Self-full.


Today I hold a space of impeccable honesty, and offer professional counseling in service to the divine goddess deep inside each of us, residing over our precious, priceless Yin (feminine essence). It is with the fierce love of a brave-hearted woman that I’ve  learned to protect this Yin within myself and guide other women out of a paradigm of overwork, undernourishment, and exhaustion into a life that you desire and co-create with beauty.


As a devotee of holding ‘Holistic’ space for other women, I work diligently to grab threads from many different areas of your life and search for the perforations, or energy leaks, that rob you of your wholeness. Where are you living out of alignment? Where are you in denial of the truth? Where are you not looking at your part in contributing to disease or disturbance? And most importantly, Where are you overriding the needs of the soft animal that is your body in favor of the errant drives of the mind?


Together we’ll listen to the messages of bodily symptoms, intercept the spinning hamster wheel of the mind, and look more closely at walls and plateaus in intimate relationships…each of these is an entry point for spirit and a clarion call to plug back into your own delicious power source.


How would it feel to...

  • Discover that what you wanted you had all along, and you finally found access to the river of ENERGY within.


  • Step out of the punishment of perfectionism, and allegiance to the overheated, overthinking mind and learn to navigate a life that is unfolding magically and joyously JUST FOR YOU.


  • Shake off the burden of others’ expectations of you and shift into a confident woman who feels clear and compassionate towards self and others


on this 90-day journey...

  • Identify and detach from the toxic energy that’s draining your life force to feel lit-up and ready to be the Co-Creator of your own reality

  • Partner with your body to create clear boundaries around work, pleasure, rest and vital nourishment


  • Revitalize your inner feminine state of juicy BEING and downshift the masculine DOING.

Here’s what you get on this journey into reclaiming your feminine essence

  • 1 x 90 minute Consult and Goal Setting session. Get clear on what you desire to rewire and create the action steps to bring this into alignment. Value $450

  • 9 x 60 minute Soul Awakening coaching sessions with Inner Sensing guided meditations. How do we feel our way forward and follow the guidance of the body and the intuition? Value $2700

  • 1 x 60 minute Shadowbook session. Discover how many bodily symptoms are manifestations of the shadow. Value $400 

  • 1 x 60 minute Creating Your Daily Devotion: Structure & Rituals. Tear down the old structures and replace them with the infinite support of the most Holy. Value $400 


Bonus 1:

15 min Audio Invocation : Preserving & Protecting the Yin 

Affirmation and prayer invoking divine support in our process

Bonus 2:

20 min Audio Meditation :

Guided Meditation on Boundaries & Protection for Highly Sensitive Empathic Women 


" Amy created a unique and custom plan to help get my body back on track (my menstrual cycles had been thrown slightly off by the removal of my IUD) and met with me weekly as I embarked on my path to motherhood. There are no words for the care that is given by Amy. 

It's personal, it's intimate, and it is given by a woman who cares deeply about other women. "

LOU ANN | 2019

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Why Me ?

Here’s what I want you to know about the level of my work and how I’m unlike every other coach out there…

Not every coach—

  • Has 15+ years experience working with thousands of women and establishing 2 successful Integrated Women’s Health Clinics.

  • Will teach you the perfect mix of physical, emotional and spirit level principles helping you to live in alignment with what you desire.

  • Has transformed my life by becoming the living embodiment of the spiritual axiom ~ the greater my devotion, the greater my joy.

  • Am deeply coded and intimately familiar with the terrain of suffering and limiting beliefs that keep women and mothers trapped in scarcity, fear, and draining relationships, and can help you unhook and walk forward with dignity.

Not every coach—

  • Is intimately familiar with the ways trauma, addiction, motherhood, codependence, and disorders of rejected and repressed femininity affect the feminine body and psyche, and has been imprinted with the knowledge to heal  over and over and over again.

  • Understands the cyclical and hormonal patterns of women from teens to queens, and can help you ride the changing tides of mood and energy with ease. 

  • Has gone deep with inherited family trauma and personal dis-ease and understands how much support is needed to break cycles and create a healed radiant feminine woman.

  • Will tell you the truth and challenge you to grow instead of just alleviating symptoms and providing comfort.

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