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Holistic Women's Health

  for the  Evolving Feminine



Refuge Marin is a Holistic Women's Health Center located in the vibrant downtown of San Anselmo, California. We use traditional and spiritual healing modalities to help you find your way to health, wholeness, and into congruence with the life that engenders the greatest expression of YOU. 

Our mission is to help you recover your own Eros, or life force, by following the signs of your body and the stirrings of your soul. From this connection source energy flows, physical health and restoration is a natural consequence, emotional equanimity arises and creativity flows. We believe we are in a time of accelerated evolution where men and women alike are remembering our connection to spirit and developing new levels of extra sensory perception.


As our sensitivities change, so must our medicine. One of our core intentions is to cultivate the deeper soul and spirit dimensions of medicine which is often at the root of most dis-ease. Healing at this level requires presence, clarity of purpose, and self-cultivation on the part of the practitioner and is not just application of a mere technique or medication.

 Those whispers and nudges that something isn't quite right, or that something is missing are guiding you home. Experiences of a dark night of the soul, physical illness, heartbreak or personal tragedy can be the doorway into our greatest awakening given that the right support shows up. This journey, when embarked upon with loving guides, yields unimaginable fruit and a new way of being.


We find refuge in the ongoing devotion to growing our light.
And we remember our purpose as Creators of a life that calls us to be fully and wildly alive.

Putting the Feminine back in Medicine




247 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.  San Anselmo, CA 94960


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