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Meet Amy

Amy is a Mother, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Reiki Practitioner, and passionate explorer of Relationship with self, other, and the unseen world. She lives in the wilds of California, USA with her 2 boys and has a burning desire to support women in healing our bodies, reclaiming our soft power, and creating a more beautiful world.

She founded two of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most successful Integrated Women's Health clinics, Mama Lounge SF and Refuge Marin, where she served thousands of women through the big transformative life phases of Maiden-Mother-Queen, and observed the effects this has on the mental, physical and energetic body.

Today her offering is a more matured and authentic expression for those who wish to dive deep within themselves and step into the magic of their own divine energy. Her toolbox includes lessons learned from a 7-year underworld journey that can best be described as a foundation rocking, forging and hammering into a useful tool of the divine.  Today she has finally landed in the truth that her purpose is to serve women in stepping into our soft power, honoring our precious priceless yin, and moving towards a path of Feminine Feminism.


We no longer need to dominate and oppose, and we can always rest and find refuge in the luminous, infinite safety of the most Holy.


Amy is a powerful healer with profound wisdom and a heart of gold. Her nurturing nature and inner guidance allow for healing on the deepest level. Each session has given me an expanded awareness and has provided healing far beyond the physical body. Amy is a true gift to this world, and I am so grateful to receive the love and care she emanates and displays with effortless ease.

Thank you, Amy, for sharing your light and wisdom with the community.

—Heather Z.


Refuge is a very special place to let go and surrender to the peaceful surroundings. Amy Gordon is a gifted acupuncturist, using her intuition and years of experience to encourage the healing process. Amy has a beautiful energy which radiates through her work and everything she does! I feel so taken care of and at home at Refuge!

— Beth G.

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