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What We Treat

Holistic Women's Health for the Whole Experience of Being a Woman



Women's Health, Hormone Balancing, Fertility, & Sexuality

Migraines, insomnia, PCOS, autoimmunity, infertility, hormonal fluctuations, digestive disturbances, TMJ, and chronic ailments respond well to our Chinese Medicine and Holistic protocols, and are an opportunity to restore your connection to yourself. Learn to patiently tune into physical aches and pains as messengers guiding you toward healthy change.


Experience freedom from the incessant need to fix and improve the body.



Mental Emotional Health & Cultivating Self-Awareness


Emotions are HEALTHY, except when any one is experienced in excess. Develop a better understanding of your emotional guidance system and shift into a confident woman who feels clear and compassionate towards self and others.


Receive the healing inside of dark nights of the soul, depression, anxiety, and/or heartbreak. Allow the heart to open and the rigid structures to soften so a new YOU can emerge.



Co-Creating a Divine Life

Aligned with Purpose


Wondering where your creative spark has gone? Let's remove the barriers blocking your JOY and creative expression!  Say YES to your own energy and surrender to the fertile flow of life.


Ride the waves of emerging consciousness and let go of fear and control.

Meet Amy Gordon,


Amy is a Mother, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Reiki Practitioner, and passionate explorer of Relationship with self, other, and the unseen world. She lives in the wilds of California, USA with her 2 boys and has a burning desire to support women in healing our bodies, reclaiming our soft power, and creating a more beautiful world.

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Meet Shalom Mayberg,

Sound Healing, Energy Medicine, and Reiki

Shalom has over 13 years of experience in Energy Healing, Yoga & Meditation Instruction, and Group Sound Baths. He teaches Crystal Bowl Immersion Training and Energy Healing to practitioners of all levels, and has a Master's Certification in Intuition Medicine (MIM). He now offers one-on-one sessions at Refuge Marin using energy work and sound healing to support the vibrational frequency of the mind, body, and spirit and help his clients create a better life.

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