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Your Life Force

Riding the energy of the blue-green dragon to lift, stretch and FLY

It's springtime here in Northern California and it's impossible not to notice the incredible amount of energy rising out of the earth right now. We call this Yang rising in eastern practices, and as voyagers into our bodies one remembers as without so it is within. This is a wonderful time to connect with your own precious lifeforce.

Every turn of the wheel, we arrive again at spring; a time of renewal, rebirth, and audacious hope. Behind every new beginning is the energy that runs the whole show. Your yang, spirit, God, is quite palpable at this time, infusing every cell and system of the body with the vitality is needs to rise up from the slumber of winter. We are part of a greater whole. What this energy does to the earth and the trees and the carpet of green grass sprouting everywhere, it does to you too!

You have this capacity to transform sunlight into food, blood, life. Practitioners of Chinese Medicine will often refer to this phenomenon of the life force as a Blue Green Dragon, waking us up and empowering us to BECOME. Can you lift, stretch and move toward the impulse to FLY?

Here is where we begin the next round of our journey, ever wiser, braver, and connected to the truth that we came here to create a more beautiful world. If you are looking for guidance on how to connect with your lifeforce, cultivate this energy, or remove blockages please visit our clinic in San Anselmo, California or book a virtual appointment.

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